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Smartare plast

Smarter Plastics

So much more than just a fantastic material

At Alfapac, we talk about Smarter Plastics – a concept so much wider than you might think at first glance. For us it includes the material itself of course, with in principle unlimited possibilities. But also, product properties, partnerships, development as well as circularity. Things that we stand for and offers our customers. Today and tomorrow.

It would be difficult without plastics

Plastics is not just a flexible material that can be used in a wide variety of areas – it is also a climate smart alternative compared with other materials with similar properties. Besides that, plastic is also easy to produce, has low weight and can be enriched with many different properties.

Different types of plastics have become essential within for example the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to the ease of sterilization. Yet another example is the insulation property from plastics in packaging materials for electronics.

Continues development in everything we do

A strong player for over 50 years – and it is not because we have been sitting in Åsbro waiting. It is the other way around. We have through all the years continuously been in the front, always ready to find new sustainable ways and solutions.

Today our development work focus on everything from resin blends to production processes to create even smarter products with optimal performance and minimal environmental impact. This is what makes the difference for you as a customer and for your products.

Smartare plast - Ständig utveckling av allt vi gör

The right plastic solution for the right application

The words in this heading is being heard more and more in our industry. We have a responsibility to ask us the question: Is plastic the best choice here? And when the answer is yes, it is equally important to choose right – and do right.

Because, it is not only about the product performance itself. It also needs to be reuseable, sortable and recyclable after it´s primary use. This is valid both for consumer and industrial products. Historically this has been complicated, but today things are different. We at Alfapac work extremely hard already in the design phase to create products that are customized for the circular society – Designed for recycling.

En partner ut över det vanliga inom plastindustrin

A partner beyond the normal

Our knowledge and experience is nothing we keep for ourselves. With us as a partner, you will get faster service, expertise assistance with environmental impact analysis, as well as someone to discuss your packaging ideas with. In addition, you will get a very knowledgeable contact that helps you navigate through the sometimes quite complex questions regarding plastic packaging and films.

5 reasons to choose Smarter Plastics