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Vårt hållbarhetsarbete

Our sustainability approach

Because we
think about tomorrow

Our product development process is in many aspects equal to our sustainability efforts. The focus is on using the best possible raw materials, reduce the amount of material used, adapt the manufacturing process and assist both our customers, and their customers, to reduce their environmental impact.

New materials and fossil free plastics

This is a rapidly evolving topic here at Alfapac. We continously work hard to modify our products and the use of different raw materials. The goal is to reach optimal performance with minimal environmental impact – a challenging, but not impossible, equation.

Some of the things we do:

Reduced use of energy

As for all manufacturing companies, energy reduction is important also for us. We have already come a long way. During 2021 we reduced our electricity consumption per Kg by 11% compared to the year before. During 2023 we will complete a total replacement of all lighting fixtures to LED, with a significant energy reduction as a result. In the future we also plan to install solar panels for further reduction of purchased energy.

Förbrukar mindre energi
Hållbarhetsarbete - Tillsammans blir vi starkare

We are stronger together

Much of our sustainability work is done daily, at home at the office. But, we are also part of several larger cooperations and multi party projects. Several of these focus on finding circular solutions where both raw material supplier, producer, customer and end customer are included.