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Surface protection film

Surface protection film

Alfapac surface protection film provides durable and smooth surface protection for harsh environments.

Alfapac is a leading supplier of advanced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) surface protection technology. Adhesive coaters, automotive engineers, appliance designers and electronic display manufacturers around the world look to Alfapac for high-performance surface protection films. Alfapac, is since long an experienced extruder of uncoated TPU protection films.

Our proprietary thermoplastic polyurethane formulation provides outstanding processability for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coaters. Alfapac films are highly flexible and offer optical clarity, excellent conformability to three-dimensional surfaces, UV resistance.

Features & Benefits include:

• UV & stain resistance – Maintain surface appearance and clarity
• Multiple options in product portfolio – Customize to end applications
• Self-healing & scratch resistance – Long lasting and highly durable
• High gloss & light transmission – Superior appearance with paint-like gloss finish
• Superior film gauge & gel control – Operational efficiency during coating process

Alfapac advanced surface protection technology, available in single- and multi-layer, is used to prevent scrapes, chipping, and other erosive damage to metal, glass, composites or paint.
Used on a wide range of applications from wind turbines to general protection, the durable films provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance.

Application Segments
- Wind
- Automotive
- Aerospace
- Aviation
- Energy
- Consumer Goods
- Industrial

- Aliphatic Polycaprolactone TPU
- Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU
- Co-Polyester Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Films

Performance & benefits of surface protection film:
- Abrasion & Chip Resistant
- Adhesion
- Chemical Resistance
- Conformability
- Durability
- Halogen-free
- Lubricant-free
- Plasticizer-free
- Optical Clarity
- High Gloss
- Processability
- UV Resistance

Sustainable Films

Through our ongoing product development, we have taken several measures to ensure our films and production processes are sustainable. Our films are now thinner and stronger, while maintaining all their required technical properties. We continue to increase the amount of renewable and recycled raw material used in our films where it is technically possible and is of benefit to the customer.