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Alfa Tissue & Paper Packaging Films

Alfa Tissue & Paper Packaging Films

Alfapac offers high-quality primary, secondary and pallet packaging solutions for tissue paper products, for effective protection throughout the supply chain and more attractive packaging options.

Specific products

Our smart packaging solutions are suitable for a wide range of specialist lightweight tissue paper products, such as:
• Toilet paper
• Paper towels
• Facial tissues
• Napkins

Wide range

We offer both primary and secondary packaging films for tissue paper products. Our films are typically clear, with a high-quality print finish to ensure that packaging stands out for consumers in the highly competitive retail sector.

We also offer a variety of pallet packaging solutions in a range of types and sizes to ensure products remain stable during transportation and storage.

Features and Benefits

Thanks to our understanding of the paper and tissue industry, we pay special attention to the clarity, print quality and welding features of our packaging films to this business. We understand the impact that packaging quality can have on product sales. We work closely with our customers to ensure that products packed in our films are distinctive and have an exclusive feel.

Sustainable packaging

Through our ongoing product development, we have taken several measures to ensure our films and production processes are sustainable. Our films are now thinner and stronger, while maintaining all their required technical properties. We continue to increase the amount of renewable and recycled raw material used in our films where it is technically possible and is of benefit to the customer.