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Alfa Protection & Cover films

Alfa Protection & Cover films

The cover film from Alfapac is used in a multitude of applications.

The cover film from Alfapac is used in a multitude of applications. Whether its purpose is to protect surfaces in a construction or renovation process or to cover larger objects for transport, cover film proves to be an effective and flexible solution for a large number of protective applications.

Alfapac offers three distinct qualities of protection film. Most of the products are produced entirely of our own blend of premium recycled materials including:
• Post Consumer Recycled (PCR)
• Post Industrial Recycled (PIR)
• Mixed colour Post Industrial Recycled (mix-colour-PIR).

The raw material used to produce the film is collected and recycled in Sweden.

Alfapac has a range of standards to choose from, but the dimensions and specifications of the cover film can be modified to suit your specific purpose.

Sustainable packaging

Through our ongoing product development, we have taken several measures to ensure our films and production processes are sustainable. Our films are now thinner and stronger, while maintaining all their required technical properties. We continue to increase the amount of renewable and recycled raw material used in our films where it is technically possible and is of benefit to the customer.

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