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Alfa E-commerce Bags

Alfa E-commerce Bags

Alfapac produce a wide variety of E-commerce bags.

The bags are developed to suit the demanding needs of the ecommerce industry for fast and easy packaging and handling. Alfapac produce e commerce bags in both Virgin, PIR and PCR material depending on the application and needs of the customer. By using a paper liner for the tape strip removes the common issue of static tape strips in the packaging process. Some of the possible specifications includes:

• Up to 2 tape strips with permanent or resealable tape
• Punched handle
• Punched venting slits/holes
• Bottomgusset
• Possibility for printed bags up to 8 colours
• Co-extruded film with different colours on the inside and outside.

Sustainable packaging

Through our ongoing product development, we have taken several measures to ensure our films and production processes are sustainable. Our films are now thinner and stronger, while maintaining all their required technical properties. We continue to increase the amount of renewable and recycled raw material used in our films where it is technically possible and is of benefit to the customer.