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Smarter Plastics

Alfapac is one of the largest producers of packaging films and performance films, in Sweden. We develop our products with creativity, knowledge and experience for optimal performance and minimal environmental impact. We like to talk about smarter plastics – A concept that covers more than you might think.

Our products make a difference for your products

At Alfapac, we develop and produce a number of different performance films and industrial packaging films, that are all important pieces of the puzzle for our customers. It is among other things films and packaging for hospital care and pharmaceutical industry, certified plastic films for the food industry and climate smart pallet hoods, sacks and foils for the manufacturing industry.

More about our products

5 reasons why to choose smarter plastics

There are many reasons why you should turn to us at Alfapac to find the right material and product solution. We have collected five quick arguments, but if you continue to read – or get in touch with us – you will soon know the meaning of our favorite term.

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Sustainability in more ways than one

You can´t bury your head in the sand and let life roll on as it always has. Because tomorrow is a day too. A future for the next generation – and the next. Everyone must take responsibility. We at Alfapac do it by constantly developing ourselves, our business and our products. By developing new solutions that do the job, both today and tomorrow, and contribute to sustainability in more ways than one. By letting a sustainable long-term approach permeate everything we do.

Our sustainability approach

Mer än 50 år

More than 50 years gives us a unique position

Alfapac started already back in 1969. This means that we have more than half a century of experience in developing and manufacturing quality products from different types of plastic. And it is clear that it makes a difference to who we are today - and for what we can offer our customers.

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